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Any tips for installing the unit?

Sure. Like all things in life it’s easy when you know how! You will need a face towel or small cloth and a small adjustable wrench. If you have an existing tip on your faucet wrap the cloth around it, then take the wrench and gently turn clockwise to loosen off. Wipe the inside of your faucet to remove any existing calcium deposits or any type of debris. Now take your FlowGlow faucet nozzle and wrap the towel around it. Once again, gently use the wrench to turn the nozzel in a counter-clockwise direction (to the right) to tighten. It’s that easy! When in doubt always remember the old line: “Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty”!

Is there a bulk discount?

What is the warranty?

What is your return policy?

We will happily take back non-functioning units. We will not only reimburse you 100% of your original purchase price (less S&H) but we will give you the option of taking a new unit at 50% off your original purchase price. We do however reserve the right to test the returned unit prior to shipping out a new one at half price. We trust you, but not that other guy. :)

Can I ship to some else as a gift?

Absolutely! Once you are entering your payment and address information, simply enter in the address of your gift receiver instead!

How long will shipping take?

How long will the lights last?

Are there water saving features?

Does it fit my Tap?

The FlowGlow faucet is designed to fit the vast majority of faucet threads (38mm) and has an additional adapter for outer threads of (45mm) If for some reason you have a larger or smaller thread size that you know of let us know and we can special order for you!

What do the colors mean?

FlowGlow FL = Free GL = Medium OW = Red